NewsPutin's heightened Security signals assassination fears

Putin's heightened Security signals assassination fears

Putin implemented additional precautionary measures. What is he afraid of?
Putin implemented additional precautionary measures. What is he afraid of?
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5:42 AM EDT, June 5, 2024

Vladimir Putin is increasingly fearful of an assassination attempt on his life. Independent Russian media reports that the President of Russia has complied with the latest recommendations from local security services. It's immediately apparent that he wears a bulletproof vest and follows the stringent procedures imposed by his security detail.

Since the Russian military attacked Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has become persona non grata in most European countries and among other NATO members. Out of fear of attacks from hostile services, the politician has reduced the number of public appearances. All to minimize the risk of assassination.

The Russian leader is known for placing great importance on his safety. Even during meetings at the Kremlin, he tries to carry a weapon, which can be observed through his specific and unnaturally stiff movements (the so-called "dead hand").

It is also well known that he refuses to use a mobile phone.

TV Belsat, citing information from "The Moscow Times" via social media, reported more on this matter. According to these reports, on the advice of the FSB, Vladimir Putin started wearing a bulletproof vest.

A Kremlin official told the portal that Putin definitely wore a vest during the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow.

The highest level of caution was exercised during the event. Guests underwent personal searches, and Red Square was closed off a few weeks ago. As noted by an intelligence specialist from beyond the Urals, Andrey Soldatov, this is not the first time the President has taken to heart what his closest "security officials" whisper to him.

He is quite a unique leader. Others are in constant conflict with their security, but not Putin. He almost always complies with their demands. And now, I think, even more so, he reviewed for The Moscow Times.

Is Vladimir Putin afraid of an assassination?

Intensified preventive measures may indicate an escalation of attempts on Putin's life. Besides Ukrainian special services, specific individuals within the country could also be behind his potential death. This supposition comes from former KGB major, Sergey Zhiryov.

In an interview with "Politics," he provided specific names. A potential assassination would be easier for those who have frequent access to Vladimir Putin. He added that they include people associated with the FSB, such as Nikolai Patrushev, Aleksander Bortnikov, or Duma chairman Sergey Naryshkin.

The reasons for such a radical move could be financial, private, or political (a desire to take him out of power, expand their own influence). Vladimir Putin in a bulletproof vest under his suit or coat is likely to become a more common sight soon.

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