AutosPutin's election wealth declaration: a billion dollar question in three simple cars

Putin's election wealth declaration: a billion dollar question in three simple cars

According to Putin's official statement, he allegedly owns only three cars.
According to Putin's official statement, he allegedly owns only three cars.
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3:42 PM EST, January 30, 2024

The presidential elections in Russia are slated for March 17, 2024. Despite the contest attracting several official candidates, there's little doubt that Vladimir Putin will be reelected. This period typically sees a flurry of political maneuvering in Russia, with new candidates entering while others withdraw, encouraging their supporters to back Putin. They are carefully ticking off all required legal formalities.

One such formal requirement is the submission of property declarations by the candidates, published by the Central Election Commission (CEC). One such declaration reportedly details Putin's assets. Although these figures bear scrutiny, an analysis of the declaration paints an intriguing picture.

Data from the CEC quoted by Russian news outlet "Kommiersant" suggests that the total income of Vladimir Putin over the last six years amounts to 67,591,875 rubles (about 829,580 USD). This figure is cumulative of his salary as head of state, revenue from bank deposits and securities, pensions (including military) and annuities, and income from property sales.

When examining the declaration's section related to real estate, things become intriguing. According to the statement, Putin owns one apartment (829 sq ft) and one garage (194 sq ft) in St. Petersburg. Regarding vehicles, Putin supposedly owns three, none of which are luxurious:

  • A 1960 GAZ M21 (Volga)
  • A 1965 GAZ M21 (Volga)
  • A 2009 Lada Niva

However, this declaration is possibly more propaganda than transparency. It's questionable to believe the above information, as Vladimir Putin's wealth is estimated at around 200 billion dollars. According to Interia, the Russian leader allegedly owns not three but 58 cars. This paints a different picture.

GAZ M21, better known as "Volga"
GAZ M21, better known as "Volga"© Wikipedia CC BY 2.5 | Oliver Tank
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