NewsPutin's Draft Strategy Continues as Russia Builds 'Strategic Reserves'

Putin's Draft Strategy Continues as Russia Builds 'Strategic Reserves'

Putin has a plan to compensate for the losses. "Strategic reserve"
Putin has a plan to compensate for the losses. "Strategic reserve"
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10:48 AM EDT, March 22, 2024

Putin's army is conducting a constant draft, according to the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which reports that Russia is forming units to create a "strategic reserve." These units could launch full-scale attacks with heavy weaponry, though ISW questions the feasibility of these plans.

Experts believe that the new units could meet the Kremlin's expectations provided they are fully equipped and the soldiers are adequately trained.

However, experience indicates that since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has struggled with both aspects: untrained reservists often find themselves on the front line lacking appropriate weaponry.

Analysts also mention that available data do not entirely clarify what kind of "strategic reserve" Russia intends to create.

The Kremlin's New Strategy: Building "Strategic Reserves"

ISW further suggests that the Kremlin is unlikely to deploy these reserves as standalone units on the front lines. Instead, they would "replenish the losses of already fighting units."

"The establishment of additional reserves will likely help the Russian army offset losses in Ukraine without significant operational pauses between current frontline activities and the offensive planned for summer 2024," ISW analysts explain.

Source: "Ukrainian Truth"

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