NewsPutin's Claims of Russian Independence Battle Amid Economic Struggles

Putin's Claims of Russian Independence Battle Amid Economic Struggles

"Russia is now fighting for its independence." Bizarre words of Putin
"Russia is now fighting for its independence." Bizarre words of Putin
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4:07 PM EDT, March 27, 2024
Vladimir Putin has often made statements that seem detached from reality. In a recent speech, he claimed that Russia is fighting for its independence and survival because it was supposedly attacked.

Russian propaganda plays a crucial role in how President Vladimir Putin leads the country. The elderly, with limited access to reliable information, are particularly susceptible to believing everything they hear.

During a recent public appearance, Putin claimed that Ukraine attacked Russia in 2022, asserting that his country is merely defending itself against this aggression.

"Our country is fighting for its vital interests and the right to independent and sovereign development. Sadly, our opponents have forced us to defend these interests by force. We are fighting against those trained to combat Russia on the territory of a neighboring state," Vladimir Putin stated.

The Russian economy's situation is not as dire as Moscow's staunchest critics claim, nor as rosy as Kremlin propaganda suggests. Yet, Vladimir Putin continuously urges the nation to strictly adhere to all the norms and directives issued by the authorities.
"Everything we do in our lives must contribute to Russia's success. We cannot afford any lapses under any circumstances. It's imperative to motivate all citizens to rigorously follow all norms and directives," the Russian leader added.

Bad news for residents of Russia

Analysts quoted by Reuters suggest that Vladimir Putin’s regime may fall short of its budget revenue target for 2024, potentially leading to increased taxes on business activities to fund armaments and the war in Ukraine.
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