NewsPutin's body doubles: Ukrainian intelligence reveals Kremlin's secret alleged stuntmen

Putin's body doubles: Ukrainian intelligence reveals Kremlin's secret alleged stuntmen

Russia national flag.
Russia national flag.
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10:49 AM EST, January 4, 2024

Vladimir Putin delivered his traditional New Year's speech on December 31, 2023, sparking a significant reaction and speculation, as reported by the "Daily Mail". Some viewers claimed an apparent incongruity between Putin's head and neck movements and his overall body. This observation led to suspicions that the footage might have been artificially generated, with elements like Putin's head and neck superimposed.

Anton Herashchenko, advisor to the head of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, inflamed speculation by publishing photos of Vladimir Putin on news portal X. "Putin in his New Year's Eve address and Putin on January 1st. What happened to him overnight? Your thoughts?," he queried.

Ukrainian Intelligence Confirms the Suspicions

When queried about this matter during a press conference, Ukrainian intelligence spokesman Andrii Yussion divulged several key details.

Most importantly, he stated that Putin has a minimum of three body doubles. These individuals allegedly live under constant scrutiny, with ongoing enhancements, including surgical modifications, undertaken to emulate Putin's distinctive look. In addition, Yussion stated that their lives are tightly controlled, from their geographic distribution to everyday actions. "They aren't sequestered together or expected to socialize with each other. You'll never see them all together," Yussion stated during an interview with Ukrainian journalist Ales Batsman. He also pondered whether these doppelgangers might be coerced or rewarded into submission.

Multiple "versions" of Putin exist

Evidence of alleged Putin "doubles" first emerged in June 2022 when Vadim Skibitsky professed during an interview with The Telegraph, "He employs several body doubles... sometimes it's difficult to discern if it's the genuine Putin or a substitute."

Recently, Japanese artificial intelligence scrutinized Putin. A study examining body movements, facial recognition, and voice comparison aired by Japanese TV network TBS, suggested the existence of multiple "versions" of Putin.

Speculation continues unabated. On social media, user 'General SVR' claims, citing his profile information, that the Russian president tragically succumbed to natural causes on October 26 after a protracted battle with cancer and a heart attack. He posits that Nikolai Patrushev, the notorious head of Russian intelligence services, is using a body double to shroud the truth from the world.

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