TechPutin's best tank destroyed. It took only one shot

Putin's best tank destroyed. It took only one shot

T-90M destroyed in Ukraine
T-90M destroyed in Ukraine
Images source: © twitter, @front_ukrainian

11:28 AM EDT, October 9, 2023

The T-90M tanks are the most modern armored units that the Russians are using in Ukraine. Although often termed as Putin's pride, they have already fallen into the hands of Ukrainian units. The latest attack proved not only highly effective but also exceptionally spectacular.

The recording published on social media shows that this T-90M sample will definitely be recorded as a total loss of the invaders. The video shows a huge explosion, as a result of which the Russian tank was completely destroyed. This is the effect of powerful missiles. Analysts indicate what weapon the Ukrainians could have used.

T-90M destroyed by APFSDS missile

Nicholas Drummond, a former officer of the British army, wrote on platform X (formerly Twitter), that such effects are given by the use of depleted uranium ammunition. From earlier reports from Ukraine, we know that Kyiv received these types of shells from at least from two countries - Great Britain and the United States, whose authorities confirmed the transfer of this type of support in September.

Due to its effectiveness in penetrating the armor of even modern units, depleted uranium is labeled as a tank destroyer. The Ukrainians, in fact, sought to obtain it with the thought of more effectively dealing with enemy armored vehicles. Nicholas Drummond stated that "it was almost certainly an APFSDS hit." These are 120 mm caliber projectiles. The former soldier and current analyst came to such conclusions evaluating, among other things, the high speed of the projectile and characteristic explosion effects.

Painful loss of Russians

During the previous attacks on the T-90M, it was emphasized that a single specimen of this tank costs about 4.5 million dollars. This, as well as calling it Putin's pride, means that every successful operation by Ukrainians ending in destruction is a painful loss for the Russians - both financially and in terms of image. Additionally, it noticeably reduces the state of their army's assets, as they have no more than about 100 of these tanks in their arsenal.

The first examples of the T-90M entered service in 2020. In comparison to earlier tanks, which formed the basis for preparing the T-90M, a new 2A46M-5 cannon, caliber 4.92 inches, was primarily used here with an improved Kalina fire control system. The design was also reinforced with a modular Relikt reactive armor, which protects the hull and turret.

The T-90M is powered by a 1000 horsepower engine (stronger than in older T-90 variants), which allows it to reach speeds of approximately 40 mph. Its auxiliary weapons consist of two machine guns - cal. 7.6 mm and cal. 12.7 mm.

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