NewsPutin vows counterforce against NATO, claims Russia is a stability proponent

Putin vows counterforce against NATO, claims Russia is a stability proponent

Vladimir Putin during the address
Vladimir Putin during the address
Images source: © EPA, PAP | SERGEI ILNITSKY
7:49 AM EST, February 29, 2024
Many reports from Russian media and officials are likely inaccurate, possibly serving as elements of an information campaign by the Russian Federation.

In his speech, laden with propagandistic tones, Putin commended the advancements of the Russian military, asserting that a majority within Russia supports his proactive stance initiated two years prior, dubbing the invasion of Ukraine as a "special military operation."

In his words, "The military is securing and reclaiming territories. Russia did not initiate this conflict, yet we are committed to combating 'nazism' and safeguarding our citizens' sovereignty," Putin declared.
Putin also issued a veiled threat to Western countries, particularly in the wake of NATO's support for Ukraine, suggesting a willingness to engage militarily with Alliance members:
"The West has incited conflicts across numerous nations while accusing Russia of planning to 'attack' Europe. Meanwhile, they designate 'targets' for strikes and discuss deploying forces to Ukraine. This could lead to dire consequences," Putin stressed.
Moreover, Putin accused the United States and its allies of undermining the European security framework, positioning Russia as a proponent of international stability. He proposed the formation of a new Eurasian alliance aimed at ensuring cohesive and undivided security:
"We aim to forge a new security paradigm designed for all of Eurasia. Russia welcomes dialogue with any country interested in this vision," stated Putin.
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