NewsPutin voices disappointment with Tucker Carlson's approach, regrets delayed Ukraine action

Putin voices disappointment with Tucker Carlson's approach, regrets delayed Ukraine action

Russian president Vladimir Putin
Russian president Vladimir Putin
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7:57 AM EST, February 15, 2024

Putin shared these thoughts during an interview with a pro-Kremlin TV station on Wednesday. In the conversation with journalist Pavel Zarubin, he also summarized the public response to another one of his interviews, this time with an American journalist. Speaking to state television, Putin described Carlson as a potentially dangerous individual, "I earnestly thought he would be aggressive and ask pointed questions. I wasn't just prepared for it. I wanted it, as it would have provided a chance for a robust rebuttal. However, he chose a different approach", as reported by Politico.

Tucker Carlson, formerly associated with Fox News until he was dismissed due to his controversial opinions, gained widespread recognition. The journalist facilitated Putin in voicing his thoughts unopposed, raising media interest in the US and beyond its borders.

Responding to the Western reactions towards his interview with the American correspondent, the Russian president stated it was beneficial that Western politicians tuned in to the interview. However, he acknowledged his disappointment that his statements are often misconstrued.

"Where have I claimed that initiating the special operation is connected to the potential of NATO encroachment on Russia? I have said we've been consistently lied to about NATO's expansion to the East," he asserted.

He also expressed his only regret was not commencing the "special military operation" in Ukraine sooner. He stressed his belief that Kyiv would execute the Minsk Agreements - a pact signed in the capital of Belarus in 2014 intended to mitigate the conflict within the divided Ukrainian society.

Putin regrets delay: "It could have happened sooner"

"We recognized them, then proceeded to establish a friendship and mutual assistance treaty with them. As mandated by the Charter of the United Nations, we adhered to the obligations stemming from this treaty. We did not instigate a war; we merely seek to end it", Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday.


"The only regret we harbor is not taking action sooner. We thought we were dealing with honorable entities", the Russian leader commented.

Despite admitting he was unsatisfied with the interview, Putin does not believe the discussion was "inappropriate," according to Politico. "If Tucker is penalized in any way, the liberal-democratic dictatorship will further expose itself," emphasized the Russian president.

It is evident that the Kremlin explicitly selected Carlson. The conservative journalist was the first Western media representative to confront the aggressor since the invasion of Ukraine. "To be frank, I did not draw satisfaction from this interview," admitted the Russian leader.

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