NewsPutin unbothered by Biden's expletives, maintains preference for U.S. leader over Trump

Putin unbothered by Biden's expletives, maintains preference for U.S. leader over Trump

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
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9:22 AM EST, February 23, 2024

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- We recently had a conversation where you asked me who we believe would be better for us, as the future U.S. president. I stated that we would cooperate with any president, yet for us, for Russia, Biden would be the better choice. Judging by his present comments, I stand completely correct - Putin expressed on Thursday on the Rossija 1 state television channel.

The Russian leader thus responded to Joe Biden's remarks during a speech in San Francisco where he referred to Putin as a "crazy SOB". Putin interpreted this as Biden's reaction to his previous statement, expressing a preference for Biden over Trump. Evidently, he seemed delighted, emphasizing that Biden's response was entirely suitable for the circumstances and was one he had anticipated, given that Biden couldn't publicly thank him.

- Why couldn't he thank me? Because he cannot publicly say, "Volodya, well done, thank you, you've helped me significantly". We grasp the current situation from an internal political perspective, and such a reaction is entirely appropriate. Therefore, I was right - Putin clarified with a smile on his face.

Earlier, Biden's comments were critiqued by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He argued that Biden's statements had lowered the United States' stature.

Source: Radio Free Europe, WP News

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