NewsPutin threatens trouble for Finland in the event of NATO membership

Putin threatens trouble for Finland in the event of NATO membership

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
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12:12 PM EST, December 17, 2023

Most information disseminated by Russian media or government officials is generally propaganda. These reports are a part of the information war conducted by the Russian Federation.

"So they've dragged Finland into NATO," Putin said in a conversation with Kremlin propagandist Pavel Zarubin. "Did we have any issues with Finland? All concerns, including territorial ones, were put to bed a long time ago, in the mid-20th century. We've had the warmest, most amicable relations," added Putin.

Putin to set up new military district

The situation would pivot the moment Finland joins NATO. "There were no issues before, but now there will be. Because we will establish the Leningrad Military District there and focus specific military units," the dictator announced.

Russia looking to develop relations with NATO

Putin simultaneously stated that Russia doesn't have issues with NATO countries, which he accuses of "artificially creating problems". "We don't want to deal with such a competitor as Russia. That's all," continued Putin, referring to NATO as "the USA's backyard".

The dictator reiterated that the West will have to "find common ground with Russia". "They will have to deal with us," he added. Simultaneously, he dismissed the statements by US President Joe Biden, who suggested that Russia is planning to attack NATO countries, as nonsense.

"Russia has no reason, no interest - neither geopolitical, nor economic, nor political, nor military - to engage in a fight with NATO countries. We don't have territorial claims against them, and we don't want to damage our relations with them. We are interested in nurturing relations," Putin declared, though his statements often contradict the facts.

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