NewsPutin struck at Europe. "This is complete nonsense"

Putin struck at Europe. "This is complete nonsense"

Putin hit the West. "This is complete nonsense"
Putin hit the West. "This is complete nonsense"
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9:09 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

Vladimir Putin may soon announce his candidacy in the presidential elections, after which he could rule until 2030, or for... 26 years. In Europe, this is unthinkable, however, Putin believes that changes in the Western elites are nonsense.

Vladimir Putin has been the president of Russia since 2012. He previously held this position from 1999-2008, when he replaced Boris Yeltsin. In the mere 32-year history of the Russian Federation, Putin has been president for approximately 19 years.

If Putin were to win the election, which is highly likely, it would mean that he would remain in the highest office until 2030. In Europe, this is unthinkable, however, Putin believes that changes in the Western elites are nonsense.

The periodic change of ruling elites in the West is a problem that greatly complicates cooperation with them - said Putin during his speech at the Valdai Forum. - A country insists on something, forcibly pushes some of its actions, and tomorrow internal political changes occur and with the same pressure and determination they push for something else, sometimes exactly the opposite - he explained.

The best example, according to Putin, is the US stance on the Iranian nuclear program.

One administration pushed through one decision, then another administration came, everything was reversed and everything went in the opposite way. And how can we work in such conditions? Where are the guidelines? What should we rely on? Where are the guarantees? < It's just nonsense - Putin stated.

Authoritarian rule of Putin

Vladimir Putin has been in power longer than any ruler in the Kremlin since Joseph Stalin, and after the change in the constitution in 2020, he will be able to stand for two more terms and remain president until 2036. Putin has already surpassed Pinochet (17 years), Kim Jong Il (17 years), Benito Mussolini and Indonesian dictator Suharto (20 years).

In the case of running for a fifth term, Putin would surpass Nicolae Ceausescu (24), Mao Zedong (27), and Dominican General Rafael Trujillo, who positioned himself as God's messenger on Earth.

As Anton Heraszczenko emphasizes, the politician has almost become the only politician in the world who has received more votes than registered voters in the country.

In the case of the sixth term, Putin would catch up with Francisco Franco of Spain and Antonio de Salazar of Portugal, who ruled for 36 years, and he would come close to the record of Robert Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 38 years. The terms of Muammar Gaddafi (42 years), Kim Il Sung (46 years), and Fidel Castro (49 years) may remain unrivaled for Putin.

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