NewsPutin stakes Russia's future on the Far East and Arctic, amidst Sweden's alarming watch

Putin stakes Russia's future on the Far East and Arctic, amidst Sweden's alarming watch

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin
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5:22 AM EST, January 15, 2024

Beginning in the early 21st century, leaders have engaged in the development projects in the Far East. Since 2013, Russia has increasingly focused on these initiatives, shares the Russian state agency, TASS, quoting Putin.

Putin's focus: the Arctic and the Far East

In a dialogue with regime media, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated that the Far East is important because "it represents one of the most significant regions" and "it's apparent that the future of the country is there". He recognized that it's a vast, sparsely populated area housing around 12 million residents across more than 2.3 million square miles. Simultaneously, he acknowledged the "interesting development trends in Asia".

- The situation is similar in the Arctic. Here there are logistics, production, and mineral resources - Putin elaborated. - We need to develop and administer these territories - reminded the Kremlin leader.

Subtle warning from Sweden

Russia's influence in the Arctic is significant. Nearly 50% of the Arctic is claimed by Russia, which has its powerful northern fleet stationed in Murmansk, recollects "Expressen", citing Putin's statement.

Recently, Swedish authorities warned of a potential escalation of conflict and possible attacks from Russia, urging citizens to prepare for the worst. Local media are keeping a close eye on Putin's actions. Reporters highlighting the Arctic's importance to Russia and the fleet in the Murmansk region point to "submarines that may be armed with nuclear weapons".

Source: TASS, "Expressen"

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