NewsPutin spins tall tales as Ukraine war rages on

Putin spins tall tales as Ukraine war rages on

Putin told a story from the front lines. But no one seemed to believe him.
Putin told a story from the front lines. But no one seemed to believe him.
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6:38 PM EDT, July 4, 2024

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, gave another interview. This time he decided to recount a supposedly true story from the front lines. He insisted that it was a "specific example from life and combat actions".

Many of the information provided by Russian media and government representatives is likely not true. These reports may be part of an information war from the Russian Federation.

The war in Ukraine continues. Media reports indicate that Russians are ready for a ceasefire. Of course, this would be on the Kremlin's terms. Russians have stated that they want to retain the territories taken so far. Additionally, they do not allow Ukraine to join NATO, which they consider their greatest enemy.

Vladimir Putin continues to support propaganda, a series of lies invented in Moscow. Since the beginning of the war, he has maintained that it is a "special military operation," not an invasion of a neighbor. He claimed that Russia was forced to attack because there was a threat of conflict from Ukraine.

After the conflict broke out, Kremlin authorities, at Putin's request, banned the use of the word "war" or any criticism of Russian soldiers. This time, he allegedly told a true story in front of the camera. The video on social media made internet users smile, showing how "true" it is.

Vladimir Putin told a "story" from the front

Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded. Our soldiers shouted to them: you have no chance, surrender. Come out, and you will be alive, surrender... And suddenly from there in Russian, in good Russian language, they shout: Russians do not surrender. And everyone died - concluded Vladimir Putin, clearly pleased with himself.

It is worth mentioning that Russians do not treat Ukrainian prisoners with dignity. The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine reported on Wednesday that over 100 Ukrainian soldiers were executed after they surrendered. Of course, there were many more such cases. Those who are captured are subjected to inhumane torture. Putin’s soldiers use sexual, psychological, and physical violence.

Internet users mockingly commented on the president's speech. 'It’s probably that doppelganger who talks nonsense in interviews'; 'I confirm, I was that encirclement'; 'Three birds with one propaganda stone. They already have a medal for creativity in manipulation' - people scoff online.
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