NewsPutin secures fifth term: Quest to rebuild Russian Empire intensifies

Putin secures fifth term: Quest to rebuild Russian Empire intensifies

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin inaugurates another term on Tuesday.
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin inaugurates another term on Tuesday.
6:03 AM EDT, May 7, 2024

The next six years mark the continuation of the Russian leader’s tenure in the Kremlin following his reelection, starting Tuesday with an "inauguration" ceremony. "He believes his historical mission is to restore the empire and will hold onto power with tenacity," says Russian opposition figure Igor Eidman.

"Tuesday's ceremony at the Kremlin is as much a facade as the elections were," states Igor Eidman, a Russian oppositionist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and former advisor to liberal politicians in Russia. The composition of the new Russian government will be unveiled at a State Duma meeting of the Russian Federation on May 8.

Putin now has two weeks to name a new prime minister. Eidman anticipates that Mikhail Mishustin will retain his role as head of the government. Changes within the presidential administration are also unlikely, and Sergei Shoigu will continue to lead the armed forces.

Eidman points out that Putin surrounds himself with long-standing "comrades in arms," showing a reluctance to introduce new faces. "He's wary of betrayal," the expert suggests.

In the next six years, Putin will aim to fulfill his ambition. "One of his obsessions is to reforge the Russian Empire, making it the Third Empire following the Romanov and Soviet eras, by annexing Ukraine and Belarus. The military is working to seize Ukraine, while Russia is gradually overtaking Belarus, akin to a boa constrictor consuming a rabbit. This strategy will persist as long as Putin remains in charge," explains Eidman.

Putin's inauguration for a new term

The opposition figure speculates, "Should he pass away, a member from the second tier of Putin's circle is likely to succeed him." He believes Dmitry Patrushev or Boris Kovalchuk, backed by powerful "clans," are potential successors.

Yet, as Putin embarks on a new term, no significant opposition challenges him. This marks Putin's fifth term in office. Following controversial elections, he could stay in power until 2030.

The media reported that about 5,000 people attended the last inauguration. Special halls with large screens have been arranged to accommodate guests. Additionally, two Kremlin towers will serve as exclusive entry points for attendees.

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