NewsPutin rejects war with NATO amid rising tensions

Putin rejects war with NATO amid rising tensions

Vladimir Putin said he does not want war with NATO countries.
Vladimir Putin said he does not want war with NATO countries.
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4:11 PM EST, December 17, 2023

Putin clarified that Russia has no intentions of waging war against NATO nations. This comes in response to recent remarks by Joe Biden, who suggested that the existing conflict in Ukraine might soon spread to allied nations.

Vladimir Putin dismisses intentions of war with NATO

In response to Finland joining NATO, Putin revealed that Russia has begun to establish the Leningrad Military District.

Did we have any disputes with Finland? All conflicts, including territorial ones from mid-20th century, have long since been resolved. There were no issues at all. Now, due to establishing the Leningrad Military District and positioning some of our military units there, issues might arise - Putin said during a conversation with journalist Pavel Zarubin on the "Moscow program."

Putin further asserted that he has no interest in the territories of NATO nations. He denied any "geo-political, economic, or military" interest in sparking a war with NATO countries.

It is my belief that President Biden understands this. It's merely a rhetorical stance, seemingly to justify his misplaced policy towards Russia - he stated.

Putin contends that any disputes between Russia and NATO are artificially created. As the President of Russia, he promises a desire to maintain and even enhance mutual relations with these nations in the years to come.

Joe Biden recently requested Congress for additional funds to aid Ukraine. He warns that should Putin win the war, the Russian leader might continue with his current policy, potentially targeting an ally next. This could result in another global discord.

Should this happen, we'll face a scenario we neither want nor currently have: American soldiers engaging in combat with Russians - stated the President of the USA
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