NewsPutin praises Russian 'steadfastness' in New Year's address, declares 2024 Year of the Family

Putin praises Russian 'steadfastness' in New Year's address, declares 2024 Year of the Family

President of Russia Vladimir Putin
President of Russia Vladimir Putin
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4:47 PM EST, December 31, 2023

As per the annual tradition, Vladimir Putin addressed the citizens of Russia in his New Year's speech. He typically conducted his speech outside the walls of the Kremlin, with the entire discourse wrapping up in approximately four minutes, as reported by the Russian news agency, RIA Novosti. The primary recipients were the residents of Kamchatka, who had already welcomed the New Year.

The "Historic Stage"

According to RIA Novosti, the Russian president highlighted that the nation is in a historical moment. He asserted that 2023 was a year where Russia had to protect its interests, freedom, and security. He acknowledged that "solidarity, mercy, and steadfastness" united the country.

Putin emphasized in his speech, "We are fully conscious of the significant dependence on us in this period, our mood, our readiness to support each other both verbally and action-wise. The labor for the common good has been the glue that has bonded us as a society. We are one in our thoughts, work, and struggles, both on regular and festive days. We exhibit the prominent traits of the Russian people: solidarity, mercy, and steadfastness. We have proven more than once that we can tackle the harshest problems, and we will never back down because there is no force capable of dividing us.”

In his speech, he also addressed the soldiers engaged in the war with Ukraine, assuring that the whole of Russia admired their courage and felt a sense of pride. The Russian president expressed that no force could divide his people as they will never forget the "faith of their fathers". Notably, Putin did not reference "Ukraine" or the "special military operation" in his speech, as reported by PAP.

The Year of the Family

Vladimir Putin announced that 2024 would be observed in Russia as the Year of the Family. In light of this, he wished every Russian family the very best. Expressing his confidence that the multinational Russian nation will ensure the lasting prosperity of its citizens, becoming even more vital, Putin added, "This is the most reliable promise for Russia's future."

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