NewsPutin officially registered for Russian elections, gives a hint of how much money he has made by now

Putin officially registered for Russian elections, gives a hint of how much money he has made by now

Putin officially registered for Russian elections, gives a hint of how much money he has made by now
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9:07 AM EST, January 31, 2024

As Vladimir Putin registered for his almost certainly winning run in an election, he also had to write his declaration of assets. Now we know how much he officially benefited during his presidency.

That's all?

As Putin entered the official pool of candidates, We got to see "all" of the money he got; while "free" Russian media are calling it a joke, he stated that during his six years of presidency, he earned "just" 67.591.875 rubles, which is 752973,49 USD.

Putin declares he owns a 77-square-meter apartment in St. Petersburg, a garage, a Skif trailer, and three cars (two vintage Volgas and an off-road Lada Niva). The leader also uses an apartment (over 150 square meters). The President of Russia also claims to have ten bank accounts, on which 54,416,604 rubles and 52 kopecks are deposited, which is approximately $707,416.

Putin's actual wealth is likely much higher. Media has repeatedly reported on the immense wealth of the Russian president: hundreds of billions of dollars in accounts, luxury cars, yachts, and palaces.

Breaking the record?

Russian media in December started the campaign of Putin wanting to have more votes than he collected last time, and people voted and reelected him as the leader of Russia for another time. To achieve it, authorities and government-controlled media push pro-election campaigns to achieve more than 70% voter turnout. Since the percentage of people supporting or scared of the leader is not changing, it will easily break the record of votes.

Stop the war?

Of all the candidates, only one is speaking loudly against further attacks on Ukraine; the commission has not yet registered Boris Nadezhdin, and he is afraid they never will. His fears aren't based on low numbers of supporters; he already gathered 100.000 signs, too many under his name, but as the media says, everyone has a gut feeling that the Kremlin will not allow such a man even to be listed on the ballot close to Putins name

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