NewsPutin makes an appearance at G20 Summit

Putin makes an appearance at G20 Summit

Vladimir Putin appeared at the G20 Leaders Summit.
Vladimir Putin appeared at the G20 Leaders Summit.

2:42 PM EST, November 24, 2023

Vladimir Putin capitalized on the recent G20 Leaders Summit being conducted remotely. This allowed the Russian leader to show up at this meeting for the first time since Russia initiated its invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, launched on February 24, 2022, dramatically shifted the dynamics of global politics. The unsuccessful initial brutal attack sparked the entire Western world's support for Ukraine. This support enabled Ukrainians to counter Russia's offensive for a sustained period, which continues today.

One substantial global repercussion of the war is Russia's severe isolation from the rest of the world. Economic sanctions and entry bans targeting high-profile Russian figures and oligarchs have been imposed.

An arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin himself was issued by the International Criminal Tribunal due to the alleged abduction of thousands of Ukrainian children deep into Russia. This is precisely why Putin has refrained from leaving his homeland multiple times since the war's onset, avoiding personal appearances at G20 summits for fear of immediate arrest.

Remote G20 Summit: The Reason for Putin's Appearance

This time, the G20 Leaders Summit was held virtually, largely at the behest of India's Prime Minister. Narendra Modi wanted to review the outcomes of the summit in New Delhi, which transpired on September 10, 2023. This arrangement offered Putin a loophole - no one could arrest him online, allowing him to partake in the conference.

Predictably, Putin's statements regarding Russia's aggression in Ukraine became the focal point of public attention. Putin argues that the war has not yet ceased due to Ukraine, persistently asserting that Moscow is open for peace talks. Yet, he rejects Ukraine's demands for troop withdrawal.

"Yes, indeed, military actions invariably lead to tragedy. One must ponder over how to end this catastrophe. Russia has never declined peace talks with Ukraine," Putin stated.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz publicly contested Putin's comments, hosting a press conference after the G20 summit with Italy's Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.

"I urged President Putin to cease the attack on Ukraine and withdraw his troops to finally end this war," declared the German Chancellor.
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