NewsPutin lauds Russian military and warns West in national speech

Putin lauds Russian military and warns West in national speech

Vladimir Putin during the speech
Vladimir Putin during the speech
Images source: © EPA, PAP | SERGEI ILNITSKY

9:47 AM EST, February 29, 2024

It's important to note that many reports disseminated by Russian media and government spokespeople are likely inaccurate. These statements might be part of an informational campaign waged by the Russian Federation.

In what can be described as a propaganda-laden speech, Putin commended the Russian army's efforts on the frontlines. The leader asserted that the majority of citizens support his decision, made two years ago, to initiate what is referred to as a "special military operation" (a euphemism used for the attack on a sovereign state) in Ukraine.
"In every direction, our troops are advancing and reclaiming territories. Russia did not instigate this war, but we will exert every effort to eradicate 'Nazism' and safeguard our citizens' sovereignty," Putin stated in his address.
Putin also attempted to intimidate the West in light of recent NATO announcements regarding support for Ukraine. He warned that he would not shy away from employing weapons against NATO member states, stating, "The West has stirred conflicts in numerous countries while purporting that Russia has intentions to 'attack' Europe. Meanwhile, these foreign nations designate 'targets' for their strikes and discuss dispatching troops to Ukraine. The consequences will be dire," Putin accentuated.
Moreover, the Russian leader accused the United States and its allies of dismantling the European security framework. Putin positions himself as a proponent of a stable world order and calls for other countries to join a new axis of Eurasian states, proposing, "We must craft a fresh framework for equal and indivisible security in Eurasia. Russia is eager to engage in dialogue with all interested parties," asserted Putin.
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