AutosPutin gifts armored limousine to Kim Jong Un, sparking controversy

Putin gifts armored limousine to Kim Jong Un, sparking controversy

Kim Jong Un's new limousine
Kim Jong Un's new limousine
Images source: © Youtube | Kompas TV
12:55 PM EDT, March 18, 2024
The luxurious, armored Aurus Senat limousine has officially been added to Kim Jong Un's collection, reportedly a gift directly from Vladimir Putin. This gesture exemplifies the close relationship between Russia and North Korea, further strengthened by this opulent offering to North Korea's leader.
Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the North Korean leader, highlighted in a statement, "The use of a private car sent as a gift by President Putin is clear evidence of the deep friendship between North Korea and Russia, which continues to grow." She praised the limousine, noting its exceptional features and reliability, as reported by "Polsat News."
However, UN experts have raised concerns that Putin's luxurious gift contravenes UN resolutions aimed at curbing North Korea's nuclear ambitions. These resolutions include a prohibition on providing luxury goods to Pyongyang, and the Aurus Senat undoubtedly falls into the category of luxury items.
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