NewsPutin explains the attack on Ukraine. Disgraceful words

Putin explains the attack on Ukraine. Disgraceful words

Vladimir Putin is addressing the nation.
Vladimir Putin is addressing the nation.
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10:41 AM EDT, November 4, 2023

Vladimir Putin has yet again asserted that Ukraine does not exist and was compelled to "dismantle the apparatus." In Putin's opinion, Ukrainian authorities had no intentions to implement the "Minsk agreements," choosing instead to attempt to incorporate their entire territory into NATO, overlooking Russia's objections.

President Vladimir Putin has frequently reiterated propagandist content, stating that Ukraine did not exist prior to the Soviet era. He contends that historically, territories in the south and east of Ukraine belong to Russia.

All the southern Russian lands were transferred during the establishment of Soviet Ukraine, during the formation of the USSR. There was no distinct Ukraine within the empire - there were only provinces. Ukraine itself emerged in the 16th century, consisting only of three regions: Kiev, Kiev region, Zhytomyr, and Chernihiv - that's all, as stated by Putin and quoted by TASS.

Vladimir Putin also professed that contemporary Russia supposedly accepted the loss of Ukraine after the disintegration of the USSR, but when the destruction of all Russian properties began, he felt obliged to "intervene".

During the Soviet Union creation, they began conceiving a vast Ukraine, primarily at the expense of the southern Russian lands. This includes the entire Black Sea coast and so forth. Though it is commonly understood that all these cities were established by Catherine II following a string of wars against Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, as he added.

Putin Validates the War in Ukraine

Putin maintains that Ukrainian authorities had no intentions of implementing the "Minsk agreements" and started to pull their territory towards NATO, disregarding significant protests from Russia.

If everything was fine there, if the Russian people, Russian language, and Russian culture had been treated properly, there wouldn't have been these coups (...) It was necessary to safeguard individuals from this Nazi abhorrence, as added by Putin in a propagandist vein.

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