NewsPutin engages with Italian artist, emphasizes cultural ties

Putin engages with Italian artist, emphasizes cultural ties

Jorit poses with Putin
Jorit poses with Putin
Images source: © PAP, X:@JamesPorrazzo
12:16 PM EST, March 7, 2024

Ciro Cirullo, an Italian street artist better known as Jorit, encountered the Russian leader at the youth forum. During their interaction, Putin expressed admiration for Italian art and its role in bridging cultural gaps between Russia and Italy.

Putin remarked, "We have always admired Italian art, which has brought us closer." He suggested that the shared histories of struggle, notably the Italians' fight for independence and figures like Garibaldi, have historically united the two nations. "Italians invariably carry the desire for freedom in their hearts, signifying a respect for other nations’ rights to make choices and determine their own futures," he added.

Afterwards, Putin took a photo with Jorit, who mentioned the "various strange stories about you in Italy," prompting Putin to jest, "Of course, just please, don't pinch me to make sure I'm real."

World-renowned artist addresses war theme

Jorit has garnered significant attention for his striking graffiti artwork, notably a piece depicting a young girl crying amidst the bombings in Mariupol, a Ukrainian city by the Black Sea taken over by Russian troops in 2022.

He explained, "The aim was to bring global attention to the plight of children in the Donbas. Western media often gives a skewed perspective, highlighting the suffering of children in one country while overlooking the tragedies in another," he added.

Source: ANSA, L'unione Sarda,

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