NewsPutin claims victory in Russian elections amid widespread criticism

Putin claims victory in Russian elections amid widespread criticism

Putin claims victory in Russian elections amid widespread criticism
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11:44 AM EDT, March 18, 2024

The three-day presidential elections in Russia wrapped up on Sunday. Data from the Central Election Commission revealed a turnout of 73 percent, with Vladimir Putin securing 87.97 percent of the votes. Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela was among the first to congratulate Putin on his electoral success. Who else joined this group?

The presidential elections in Russia concluded on Sunday, witnessing an anticipated victory for Vladimir Putin. He garnered over 87 percent of the votes, as published on the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation's official website.

Ukrainian politician Anton Herashchenko extensively critiqued the Russian election results. "These elections were completely illegitimate. Putin does not rightfully hold the title of President of the Russian Federation. The only silver lining might be that this could mark Putin's final term."

Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela quickly congratulated Putin on his "victory," pledging his "deep commitment to democracy in Russia". He was echoed by Nicaragua's President, Daniel Ortega, who also hailed the election as a "victory", and the Cuban leader followed suit.

Others congratulating Putin included Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Uzbekistan's Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Tajikistan's Emomali Rahmon, Myanmar's Prime Minister Min Aung Hlaing, Honduras' Xiomara Castro, Lin Jian from the Chinese foreign ministry, and Evo Morales, the former president of Bolivia.

Ukraine and the USA question the election's legitimacy

President Zelenskyy criticized the exit poll results in his evening address, labeling Putin as "manipulating yet another election" and accusing him of amassing "enough power to rule indefinitely".

"There can be no discussion of legitimizing such a farce. Such individuals should be accountable before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. That remains our goal," Zelenskyy stated.

The United States also voiced skepticism regarding the exit poll results, stating that the elections in Russia "were clearly neither free nor fair".

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