NewsPutin claims Poland 'provoked' Hitler in 1939 in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson

Putin claims Poland 'provoked' Hitler in 1939 in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson

Interview with Vladimir Putin. Shocking words about Poland and Hitler.
Interview with Vladimir Putin. Shocking words about Poland and Hitler.
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9:33 AM EST, February 9, 2024

Vladimir Putin gave an interview to Tucker Carlson, an American commentator recognized for his pro-Russian and pro-Putin viewpoints. The interview was recorded on Tuesday in Moscow and soon leveraged by Kremlin propaganda. Its Russian version was quickly posted on Kremlin's websites on Thursday night, right after its official broadcast.

This marks the first interview that the Russian leader has given to a Western media representative since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Throughout the in-depth two-hour interview, Putin discussed many issues concerning Poland.

The journalist was curious to know if Moscow has any plans to invade "Poland, Latvia or any other countries". He enquired about the possibility of deploying Russian soldiers to these countries, where they might have to confront NATO forces. "We're not interested in Poland," Putin responded.

Another comment by the Russian President concerning Poland stirred a significant amount of controversy. Putin suggested that the Poles provoked Hitler to attack in 1939.

According to Putin, Hitler simply wanted to "execute his plans," but Poland "refused to collaborate" and "provoked Hitler" into an attack that led to the commencement of the Second World War.

Putin Reflects Critically on Ukraine

The Russian President further accused Ukraine of opposing conflict resolution. In doing so, he not solely referred to the Minsk agreement but also to negotiations that have been carried out since the war's onset, which, according to him, were on the verge of a successful conclusion.

"The ceaseless mobilization in Ukraine, its hysteria, and internal issues will eventually lead to an agreement," emphasised Vladimir Putin.
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