NewsPutin blames radical Islamists for Krasnogorsk attack, hints at Kyiv's role

Putin blames radical Islamists for Krasnogorsk attack, hints at Kyiv's role

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
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5:51 AM EDT, March 26, 2024

On Monday evening, Vladimir Putin stated that the attack in Krasnogorsk was orchestrated "by the hands of radical Islamists". He also insinuated, aligning with the Kremlin's narrative, that Kyiv might be responsible for the attacks. "We are interested in who commissioned the Islamists," he said.

Note: Many allegations of attacks and aggression attributed to Ukraine, as well as reports on the progress of the war circulated by Russian and Belarusian state media, are likely false. Such claims may serve as part of an information campaign waged by the Russian Federation.

In a meeting with security service representatives and local authorities of Moscow and the Moscow region on Monday evening, Putin emphasized the necessity of clarifying "the issue of Islamist participation in the Krasnogorsk attack".

"We know the crime was perpetrated by radical Islamists, against whom the Muslim world has battled for centuries. What interests us is identifying the mastermind behind this act against Russia and its citizens," he commented.

He then speculated—despite a lack of evidence—that Kyiv could be involved in the attack near Moscow.

"We must also investigate why the terrorists attempted to flee to Ukraine post-attack, and who was supposedly waiting for them there," stated the Russian leader.

In a critique aimed at the West, he said, "It is clear that those backing the regime in Kyiv wish not to be seen as abetters of terror or sponsors of terrorism. Yet, numerous doubts remain," he further insinuated.

"The terror attack at Crocus Hall aligns seamlessly with Kyiv's campaign of intimidation," Putin evaluated.

Attack in Krasnogorsk

The attack on Crocus City Hall, a concert venue in Krasnogorsk near Moscow, on Saturday resulted in at least 139 fatalities, with over 180 people injured. According to officials, the search efforts in the rubble are expected to continue until Tuesday evening.

While the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack—a claim supported by American intelligence—Putin did not mention this in his address to government officials.

The four alleged assailants, detained by the court for two months on Sunday, have been identified by Russian media as Tajik nationals. At least two have purportedly admitted guilt, though photos showing signs of torture cast doubt on the authenticity of their confessions.

The Russian Federal Security Service reported that seven additional suspects have been detained, three of whom were arrested by the court on Monday.

Source: TASS/PAP

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