NewsPutin and Yanukovych's mission in Minsk: A new Ukraine in Belarus?

Putin and Yanukovych's mission in Minsk: A new Ukraine in Belarus?

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko
Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko
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3:08 PM EDT, May 27, 2024

During the recent visit to Minsk, Vladimir Putin was accompanied by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. According to Serhiy Bulba, this was not a coincidence. "It is quite likely that Putin and Yanukovych were trying to convince Lukashenko that they would organize a 'new Ukraine center' somewhere on Belarusian territory," he claims.

Serhiy Bulba, in an interview with Ukrainian television channel Kyiv24, said that Putin could have tried to persuade Lukashenko to create a 'new Ukraine center' or a 'correct Ukraine,' as Putin understands it, somewhere in Belarus.

The Belarusian oppositionist believes that Putin failed to convince Lukashenko of his idea. He stated that Lukashenko supported Putin, saying that everything in Ukraine is legally questionable, but he did not allow himself harsher attacks on President Zelensky.

This shows that there is no direct support for Putin's project.

End of Zelensky's term

May 20 marked five years since Zelensky was sworn in as the head of the Ukrainian state. Official Moscow media promoted the message that on May 21, Zelensky's legitimacy as president ended. According to Russian propaganda, this is expected to affect Ukrainians' willingness to fight for their homeland.

The Ukrainian constitution provides for a five-year presidential term. At the same time, the fundamental law indicates that the head of state should fulfill his duties until a new president is elected.

Reuters commented on Zelesnky's "fifth anniversary of his inauguration as president. He has not contested elections because of martial law imposed due to the invasion."

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