LifestylePut it in the your dryer. Your bills will get lower

Put it in the your dryer. Your bills will get lower

Trick to lower the bills for drying laundry
Trick to lower the bills for drying laundry
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3:14 PM EDT, October 5, 2023, updated: 1:59 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

We are currently looking for savings almost every step of the way. It turns out that there is a simple trick that will slightly shorten the drying time of laundry in a tumble dryer. It's worth noting that this method will also help to avoid many annoying wrinkles.

Even the best drum dryer models are associated with electricity consumption. Unfortunately, electricity is currently very expensive, which may discourage their use. In many households, laundry is practically never-ending, so it seems that purchasing such a device greatly facilitates life. However, how to save a bit on this?

A trick for faster clothes drying in the dryer

Laundry is one of those tasks we cannot give up. Even if we wanted to reduce its amount, it can be difficult (especially when you have children).

Many people decide to purchase a drum dryer. Thanks to it, we can say goodbye to traditional dryers that take up a balcony or part of a room.

The downside of this type of drying is not only the cost of the device, but also the fees associated with its use. How to remedy this?

The Sun portal argues that balls (preferably those with distinctive protrusions) are sufficient for this. Models made of wool, rubber or plastic are available in stores. What's more, they are not larger than those used in tennis, so they can be easily stored in the laundry room or bathroom later.

To speed up drying, you should throw balls into the drum. During operation, the devices will bounce off the clothes placed inside, which will not only reduce the amount of wrinkles, but also improve the process occurring in the dryer.

Balls not only for the dryer

It turns out that these types of balls also have other uses. In addition to using them in a tumble dryer, they can also be used in a traditional washing machine.

They are best used when refreshing down jackets. Thanks to them, the filling of the outer garment will not clump together. This simple method can greatly simplify our lives, since it is difficult to restore a down jacket that has lost its proper shape during washing. So, it's worth remembering this when we start preparing for the upcoming winter.

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