LifestylePut it in the dishwasher and start the program - the results are invaluable

Put it in the dishwasher and start the program - the results are invaluable

A clever way to refresh the dishwasher
A clever way to refresh the dishwasher
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1:51 PM EDT, November 3, 2023

The dishwasher, now a staple in most homes, not only saves time but also conserves water, making it both cost-effective and eco-friendly. But did you know there's also a simple way to keep it clean? Here's one highly effective method.

While a dishwasher can efficiently clear dirty dishes, it's also essential to clean the appliance itself. We often overlook the fact that dishwashers can become dirty too - and rather fast. They gather deposits of fats and detergents, and due to hard water, limescale also builds up. Ensuring their cleanliness and maintenance is critical if we want them to continue working without faults for longer. Thankfully, this task is quite straightforward when armed with a few proven, homemade techniques.

The dishwasher's benefits - saving both time and money

A dishwasher offers convenience and saves you valuable time. Gone are the days of spending half an hour at the sink scrubbing stacks of dishes, and ruining your hands in the process. With a few swift movements, you can load your dishwasher, toss in a pod, and effectively solve the issue. Dishwashers come with presets for a quick wash of everyday plates and cutlery as well as more thorough cleanings for particularly dirty dishes that would usually require excessive scrubbing. Another significant advantage is the conservation of water, helping to lower bills and be environmentally friendly.

Cleaning it properly - a few proven methods

While a dishwasher is instrumental in maintaining a tidy kitchen, we can't forget that it needs cleaning itself for it to function effectively for an extended period. There are dishwasher cleaning detergents and odor eliminators available in stores, but these can add to your expenses and eventually wash synthetic fragrances and other pollutants into our drains and subsequently into the environment. Opting for natural cleaning methods might be a better path to take.

Place this in your dishwasher for exceptional results

Cleaning your dishwasher doesn't require much effort, and you usually already have the necessary items in your home. Take a small, soup-sized bowl from your cabinet, fill it with lemon juice and vinegar, and pop it in an empty dishwasher, ideally where it won't topple over. Once you start your chosen program, the vinegar will clean and disinfect your dishwasher, and the lemon juice will leave it smelling fresh.

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