LifestylePut it in the bucket and wash the floor. Cleaning companies keep it on secret

Put it in the bucket and wash the floor. Cleaning companies keep it on secret

Washing floor panels is very simple.
Washing floor panels is very simple.
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6:05 AM EDT, October 4, 2023, updated: 8:58 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

How to clean panels so that there are no streaks? Many people ask themselves this question, because it often happens that the floor is still not impeccably clean after washing. However, there are a few tricks that will make the panels glossy and without unsightly streaks. All you need to do is add one thing to the water, which we usually have at home.

Floor panels are a very popular solution in our apartments. No wonder - they are aesthetic, relatively inexpensive, and can work well in practically any room. However, to maintain their perfect appearance for as long as possible, one must remember about their regular and proper care.

How to clean panels? Try this trick

Cleaning panels can be a headache, just like cleaning mirrors or various other shiny surfaces. All because it's hard to clean them in such a way that there are no unsightly streaks or stains. Fortunately, there are several home remedies that will make cleaning effective.

How to clean panels? Simply add one dishwasher tablet to a bucket of warm water, and then clean the floor as usual. Even cleaning companies regularly use this trick, because dishwasher tablets not only guarantee no streaks, but also handle even tough stains, including greasy ones.

How to clean panels without streaks?

We can also clean the panels in other ways. Vinegar works great – this cheap kitchen product has excellent descaling and polishing properties, so it's perfect for cleaning shiny surfaces. Just pour a small amount of it into warm water - just a few tablespoons per about five liters. To this, we can add a few drops of our favorite essential oil, thanks to which the sharp smell of vinegar won't be noticeable, and the room will be filled with a pleasant fragrance.

Another method is also the use of ordinary dishwashing liquid. Thanks to its formula, it removes tough, even greasy stains. In the event that we do not have a special liquid for panels, just pour a small amount into warm water and clean the floor.

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