NewsPursuit through the Hamas tunnels. Everything was recorded

Pursuit through the Hamas tunnels. Everything was recorded

They entered the Hamas tunnels.
They entered the Hamas tunnels.
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9:53 AM EST, November 5, 2023

The internet witnessed footage demonstrating the pursuit within the Hamas tunnels of fighters in the Gaza Strip.

The mission to dismantle the Hamas tunnels continues in sections of the Gaza Strip that have fallen under army control following the land operation, as reported by the Times of Israel. To destroy the tunnels, different types of robots and explosives are being employed.

Alongside demolishing the tunnels, the army is also pursuing Hamas fighters taking shelter within, leading to the detonation of traps layered with explosives by Hamas in hidden underground spots.

A video capturing the scene of an attack on a Hamas tunnel was shared online. It shows the Israeli army, aided by dogs, harassing the fighters. Background screams are discernible.

Dismantling the Hamas tunnels

Close to 100 tunnels have been destroyed so far, and this does not include the ones bombed during the Israeli air strikes.

As a senior Israeli officer conveyed to the Walla portal, the army sets out to wipe out entrances to the underground passages and further pathways, ultimately transforming the tunnels into "death zones".

General Jair Golan, previously the deputy commander of the Israeli armed forces, advised the Times of Israel that in his opinion, Israeli units need to refrain from entering the Hamas tunnels at any cost.

As he illustrated, the mission is to find tunnel entrances and seal them, or to fill the underground space with smoke, inducing the enemy to emerge or inflicting damage.

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