TechPT-91 Twardy tanks outperform British challengers in Ukraine

PT‑91 Twardy tanks outperform British challengers in Ukraine

PT-91 Twardy tanks, illustrative photo
PT-91 Twardy tanks, illustrative photo
Images source: © 16. DZ, Polish Army

7:34 AM EDT, May 9, 2024

A video showcasing Polish PT-91 Twardy tanks in action with Ukrainian soldiers has recently been shared online. The video demonstrates their robust capabilities in challenging conditions where even newer, supposedly superior, British tanks falter.

In March, reports highlighted the British Challenger 2 tanks' difficulties navigating tough terrains, particularly mud which proved nearly impossible to traverse. "The biggest problem for the Challenger 2 in Ukraine is getting stuck in the mud," British journalists remarked after speaking with Ukrainian service members.

PT-91 Twardy Tanks Excel in Ukraine

Unlike the Challenger 2, the PT-91 Twardy tanks, donated by Poland, are seen expertly handling what seems less like a road and more like a mud river in recent social media footage from the main frontline.
Developed in the 1990s, the PT-91 Twardy isn't a brand-new design but an enhancement over the Russian T-72. Around 300 units have been produced, primarily for Poland and Malaysia, until Ukraine became the latest recipient, receiving dozens to bolster its defenses.
The PT-91 Twardy's weight, nearly 46 tons versus the Challenger 2's 60+ tons, likely aids its agility on rugged terrains. Despite its weight advantage, the Challenger 2 boasts a stronger engine (1200 HP compared to 850 HP in the PT-91), suggesting other factors contribute to the Polish tank's superior mobility.

High praise for Polish tanks from Ukrainians

This isn't the first time the PT-91 Twardy tanks have proven their value on the Ukrainian battlefield. Their presence and positive assessments from soldiers and specialists have made headlines before.

Key to their reliability is the use of ERAWA reactive armor, featuring steel plates and explosive layers for durability, and the DRAWA fire control system, which distinguishes them significantly from the Russian T-72. The PT-91 Twardy also comes equipped with a 125 mm cannon and 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm caliber machine guns, reinforcing its status as a robust asset for Ukraine.

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