SportsPSG coach Luis Enrique monitoring stars' nights out and social media to boost the team's discipline

PSG coach Luis Enrique monitoring stars' nights out and social media to boost the team's discipline

Kylian Mbappe is the leader of Paris Saint-Germain.
Kylian Mbappe is the leader of Paris Saint-Germain.
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1:42 PM EST, December 19, 2023

Luis Enrique has overseen the performance of the French champions since the start of this season. His assignment encompasses more than just winning domestic championships; he also strives to position Paris Saint-Germain as a leading contender in European tournaments.

The Spaniard's efforts appear to be paying off. His team currently leads the French league and has advanced to the top sixteen in the Champions League. Although finishing second in the group may have thrown a wrench in the works for the Parisians, their draw with Spanish Real Sociedad significantly boosts Paris Saint-Germain's chances of progressing to the quarterfinals.

Luis Enrique has set out to foster discipline within the club, acting increasingly assertive each week. According to the French daily "L'Equipe," the coach plans to exercise more control over his players.

Enrique intends to keep tabs on Paris's nightclubs. The task has been delegated to one of his assistants, who is to frequent popular nightlife spots. As a result, players need to exercise caution to avoid being caught misbehaving during raucous celebrations.

Monitoring nightclubs isn't the only strategy Luis Enrique's assistant will adopt. The Spanish coach has also decided to closely scrutinize his players' social media accounts to eradicate any negative practices that could potentially permeate the locker room.

The Paris Saint-Germain team boasts players such as Kylian Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele, and Lucas Hernandez. Despite their love for the vibrant nightlife, their coach expects them to deliver top-notch performances in training and matches.

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