TechPS5 Slim officially. Sony presents a new console

PS5 Slim officially. Sony presents a new console

PlayStation 5 Slim officially
PlayStation 5 Slim officially
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8:33 AM EDT, October 11, 2023

The new PlayStation 5 console has had its official presentation. Sony introduces a much smaller, much lighter model, which has already been hailed as the PS5 Slim. Here are the most important details.

We can already close the chapter on various rumors, speculations, and behind-the-scenes reports. Sony officially presents the new PlayStation 5 - a smaller and lighter model, which has already been dubbed PS5 Slim. Thus, the reports from July 2023 were confirmed - the Xbox manufacturer "anticipated" what the Japanese corporation would do.

So, let's take a look at PlayStation 5 Slim. The total size has been reduced by 30 percent, the PS5 Slim is also noticeably lighter, even by 24 percent, if we're talking about the version without the Blu-Ray drive; the version equipped with a drive is lighter by "only" 18 percent compared to the original PlayStation 5.

If we get the digital edition of the PS5 Slim, the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive can be purchased separately in the future, as it will be sold separately at a cost of approximately $143.43. Additionally, the PS5 Slim has a 1TB SSD and four protective panels: some of them are noticeably matte, while the top ones are shiny. Everything else - is unchanged.

When will PS5 Slim be released?

The new PlayStation 5 console will be available in the USA from November 2023. In the following months, expect greater availability and premieres on other markets. Importantly, Sony emphasizes that "after selling out the stocks of the current PS5 model, the new PS5 will become the only available model".

How much will we pay for the PS5 Slim?

Sony has also provided suggested retail prices for each region. As for Europe, it looks like this: the version with the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive is priced at 499.99 USD, while the PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition is priced at 449.99 USD.

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