AutosPrototype hydrogen-powered delivery vehicle developed by Australian Toyota engineers

Prototype hydrogen-powered delivery vehicle developed by Australian Toyota engineers

Toyota Hydrogen HiAce Prototype
Toyota Hydrogen HiAce Prototype
Images source: © WP | Toyota
3:46 PM EST, February 17, 2024

In the realm of hydrogen technology development, Toyota is a front-runner. The company foresees widespread use of this technology in various sectors of the automotive industry and the broader economy. Toyota has been developing hydrogen propulsion systems for decades, aiming to achieve zero-emission, sustainable mobility.

In Australia, the prototype Toyota Hydrogen HIACE, powered by a V6 internal combustion engine that operates on hydrogen, was brought to life by Toyota's engineers. The torque is transferred to the rear wheels via a ten-speed automatic transmission. This power unit was sourced from the Land Cruiser 300, and it generates a power output of 163 horsepower (approximately 120 kW) and 261 foot-pounds of maximum torque in its hydrogen version.

The engineers modified the engine in the prototype HIACE to run on compressed hydrogen, using a groundbreaking direct injection system. The hydrogen propulsion system produces almost zero CO2 emissions, and the hydrogen combustion process in the engine releases minimal amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx), enabling it to meet Euro 6 emission standards.

The Toyota Hydrogen HiAce has a V6 engine.
The Toyota Hydrogen HiAce has a V6 engine.© WP | Toyota

Following the trajectory of the second-generation Toyota Mirai, the HIACE model stores hydrogen in three tanks located beneath the vehicle floor. Despite using this new drive system, The vehicle retains all its transport properties and capabilities. The Toyota HIACE is currently available as a 12-passenger and delivery vehicle.

Toyota Hydrogen HiAce Prototype
Toyota Hydrogen HiAce Prototype© WP | Toyota
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