HealthProtect your pancreas: the essential diet adjustments to fend off inflammation

Protect your pancreas: the essential diet adjustments to fend off inflammation

Which juices are not recommended for pancreatitis?
Which juices are not recommended for pancreatitis?
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3:31 PM EST, January 11, 2024

The pancreas plays an extraordinarily crucial role in our bodies. Its primary function relates to digestion - it produces pancreatic juice.

This juice is abundant in digestive enzymes, which break down food during the initial stages of digestion.

The second crucial function is the production of insulin, a hormone that manages the sugar levels in our blood.

To keep the pancreas working at its best, avoiding anything that could harm it is advisable. So, what should you steer clear of?

Fried foods need to be eliminated from your everyday diet primarily. This includes meals high in trans fats, overly processed foods, ready meals, instant sauces, and deli products that contain chemical preservatives.

Sugar and salt consumption should also be moderated. Certain foods like mayonnaise, cream, sausages, and cold cuts are best to avoid. To truly safeguard your pancreatic health, it's crucial to quit harmful habits such as alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking.

Juices - what to avoid during inflammation

Juices are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, some juices can cause harm during bouts of pancreatic inflammation and should only be consumed when the condition is in remission.

Even then, it's best to start with juices diluted with non-carbonated water.

Remember, it's advisable to avoid tomato juice during acute pancreatitis due to its high organic acid content.

In times of disease exacerbation, limit carrot juice as well as fresh pumpkin juice. This applies to pomegranate juice, too. As for apple juice? It's safe, but only during remission of the disease.

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