EntertainmentPrincess Diana's untold Hollywood dream: The bodyguard sequel

Princess Diana's untold Hollywood dream: The bodyguard sequel

Princess Diana could have become a movie star
Princess Diana could have become a movie star
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8:56 AM EDT, June 24, 2024

The script for the second part of the iconic film reached her desk shortly before her tragic death. Princess Diana had agreed to star in the production alongside a well-known actor. She asked him one fundamental question about the kissing scene. What did she hear?

Before the fatal accident in Paris, Princess Diana was making ambitious plans for the future. She wanted to return to the United Kingdom and focus more on young Harry and William. Besides that, she aimed to redirect her career anew.

The Queen of Hearts had an excellent opportunity to achieve this. As it turns out, she was given a chance to become a movie star. Kevin Costner made the offer. At the time, he was planning to create a sequel to the famous "The Bodyguard."

The actor was to appear on set as the princess's bodyguard, a role ideally suited to King Charles III's former wife. How did she react to this proposal?

Princess Diana was interested in the script, and even during its creation, she asked Kevin Costner if there was a scene where the main characters kiss.

"And I said, 'Do you want there to be one?' And she said, 'Yeah,'" he explained. "And I said, 'Then we'll do that'" - Kevin Costner recounted on "The Howard Stern Show".

She persuaded Princess Diana. Kevin Costner revealed how it happened

The star added that he owes much of the project to writer and member of the British royal family, Sarah Ferguson. She significantly influenced his presentation of the details to the Princess of Wales and her persuasion to attend preliminary talks.

Young Kevin Costner and Princess Diana
Young Kevin Costner and Princess Diana© Getty Images

Unfortunately, the aristocrat who died in 1997 never made it to the studio. In the 21st century, many productions about her fate have been created - from feature films to documentaries. Fans can watch, among others, the series "The Crown," which depicts the last days of her life. What do you think, did Princess Diana have the makings of a cinema icon?

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