LifestylePrince William's heartwarming gesture at King Charles III's coronation delights internet users

Prince William's heartwarming gesture at King Charles III's coronation delights internet users

Prince William and King Charles III
Prince William and King Charles III
Images source: © AKPA, TikTok
5:48 PM EST, December 28, 2023

Undoubtedly, Prince William is highly visible in the media as a representative of the monarchy. Along with his wife, Kate Middleton, he tirelessly performs his royal duties. Despite the royal family's image being somewhat tarnished by the scandal surrounding Prince Harry, Prince William continues to enjoy significant approval. Currently, the 41-year-old is receiving vast amounts of affectionate messages from internet users, thanks to a certain video from the coronation rehearsal of King Charles III.

Endearing exchange between Prince William and King Charles III warms the hearts of internet users

The royal family seldom displays its "human" side. Its members always follow protocol and adhere to strict standards of behavior. Yet, sometimes they show another side. This was the case during the coronation rehearsal of Britain's current king, Charles III.

On the second day of the holiday, the BBC aired a program titled "Charles III: Year of the Coronation", revealing the behind-the-scenes of these historic events. While the documentary is not yet available on Polish cable TV, several clips from it have been publicized online. One particularly popular clip showcases the interaction between Prince William and King Charles III. In the footage, we see William first kissing his father on the cheek, then playfully tickling him, eliciting laughter from the 75-year-old king.

The reactions from internet users are overwhelmingly positive. Many are moved by the bond between William and Charles.

Such beautiful, genuine father-son love; Charles shines in William's presence; So sweet; It's adorable, William is an amazing man- TikTok comments read.

Remarks about Prince Harry also emerged. Many expressed their sadness over the 39-year-old's absence from the footage.

I'm sad for Harry missing out; Wonder how Harry feels seeing this - the comments read.

However, some aimed criticism at him. According to some internet users, Harry proved to be a traitor and a liar. His wife, Meghan Markle, was also criticized, with accusations of manipulating her husband.

He is a traitor; His own fault; He was manipulated by her - online users expressed strongly.

King Charles III's coronation occurred on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, with approximately 2,200 attendees.

The fans are delighted.
The fans are delighted.© TikTok
Comments under the recording
Comments under the recording© TikTok
"Harry under fire of criticism"
"Harry under fire of criticism"© TikTok
Harry severely criticized
Harry severely criticized© TikTok
Prince William
Prince William© AKPA
King Charles III
King Charles III© AKPA
Prince William
Prince William© AKPA
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