EntertainmentPrince William hasn't severed ties with Rose Hanbury. An ongoing affair?

Prince William hasn't severed ties with Rose Hanbury. An ongoing affair?

Is Prince William having an affair?
Is Prince William having an affair?
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4:05 PM EDT, October 30, 2023

Spanish outlets have recently reported that Prince William continues to maintain contact with his alleged mistress, Rose Hanbury. It's even suggested that they're arranging secretive meetings, which contradicts previous reports stating Rose had mended relations with Duchess Kate.

The rumored affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury has been making headlines worldwide. Rose was once considered a close friend of Kate Middleton. For years, various outlets have been looking for concrete evidence to substantiate that Prince William and Rose share more than just friendship. At one point, it was controversially proposed that he was the father of Rose's child born out of wedlock - a claim that could not be confirmed.

It was conjectured that William had an affair during Kate's third pregnancy, and upon the news reaching royal circles, contact between him and Rose was reportedly ended. However, a certain Spanish tabloid disagrees.

Rose Hanbury still maintains close ties with the royal family, evidenced by her attendance at King Charles III's official coronation. She was not alone at the ceremony, accompanied by her children and husband, David Cholmondeley, a member of the House of Lords and the monarch's close associate.

Reports from the Spanish website Marca suggest the alleged affair is still active. "Prince William is repeating the errors of his father. It's rumored that he harbored feelings for Rose for many years before deciding to marry Kate Middleton, mimicking his father's situation with Camilla Parker Bowles, even while he was with Diana."

The truth remains uncertain. Nonetheless, Rose Hanbury increasingly earns the moniker "new Camilla" in the media. In 2019, information emerged about a supposed romantic relationship between them, when William allegedly spent Valentine's Day with Rose, culminating in a shared dinner in London. It was also claimed that he presented her with a pearl necklace.

The Marca website ventured to prophesize the end of Prince William and Duchess Kate's marriage. "It's only a matter of time before the prince's heart prevails over reason. As a result, both Kate Middleton and Rose may end up as divorcees. [...] If the royal couple part ways, the public shock may not be as intense as it was when Princess Diana and Prince Charles did the same. However, this is just conjecture, no one is confirming that Hanbury is Prince William's mistress. We aim to highlight the striking similarities between the speculated life choices of the king and his son."

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