EntertainmentPrince Harry's return to London amid King Charles III's illness fuels royal reconciliation rumors

Prince Harry's return to London amid King Charles III's illness fuels royal reconciliation rumors

Will Harry stay longer in England? Meghan Markle's opinion is known.
Will Harry stay longer in England? Meghan Markle's opinion is known.
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3:35 AM EST, February 7, 2024

King Charles III's diagnosis of cancer has not only shocked the Palace and his subjects but his nearest family as well. In the near future, he will be replaced by Prince William, who is grappling with a host of concerns following Kate Middleton's recent medical operation. On the other hand, Prince Harry has arrived in London and has had a brief chance to speak with the monarch.

Is Prince Harry considering an extended stay in England? The media unveils his plans

Reportedly, the father and son meeting was not as cordial as expected, intensifying doubts about imminent reconciliation within the famed family. Charles and Camilla purportedly only spent 45 minutes conversing with Harry. Moreover, Prince William has no plans to initiate any meeting with his brother. According to "The Mirror," the likely reasons are his significant responsibilities and caring for his recovering wife, Kate Middleton, and their children.

The same media outlet, however, suggests that Harry has a proposal in mind. "The Mirror" asserts that the former royal is contemplating an extended stay in England to be as close to his father as possible during this challenging time. Apart from that, he wishes to use this situation to mend fences with his brother by offering his support and assistance during the king's illness. That's the aim, but William still appears quite reserved about this concept.

Harry hopes to dissolve the divide between him and William. As reported, he intends to lend his support to William, who has to shoulder increasing responsibilities due to the king's illness.


The tabloid suggests that Harry is weary of his feud with his brother and is willing to forget their past disparities. A source close to the former royal informed the portal that he has Meghan Markle's complete support. She knows how burdensome his quarrel with his family, particularly with William, has been.

Meghan fully backs Harry. She realizes the significance his family holds for him. The circumstances are still relatively new, so they are attempting to sort out everything from a logistical perspective since Harry's primary residence is now in the United States with his wife and children. William and Harry have always had each other's backs; perhaps this is an opportunity for them to revitalize their relationship. Their fraternal bond has always been there despite the recent hurdles. They merely need time.

Yet, the Daily Mail points out that Harry is expected to attend an event centered on the Invictus Games in Vancouver, Canada, alongside Meghan next week. Therefore, it remains uncertain how he plans to manage this. Furthermore, the site postulates that the former royal may not have been offered a stay at Frogmore Cottage, contrary to earlier media reports. Still, it might instead have taken up residence in a luxury hotel.

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