Tips&TricksPreserving avocados: TikToker's simple trick goes viral, receives praise for reducing wastage

Preserving avocados: TikToker's simple trick goes viral, receives praise for reducing wastage

Cutting avocado
Cutting avocado
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4:15 PM EST, February 10, 2024

Over the past 10 years, avocados have enjoyed immense popularity in America. They are nutritionally rich and packed with dietary fiber, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, magnesium and plant sterols known as phytosterols. This creamy fruit contains no cholesterol and its calorie content is high with 3.5 ounces offering up to 160 calories. Despite its numerous benefits, one major drawback is that once cut open, the seedless part rapidly darkens and spoils. But we have a homegrown trick to prevent this.

Give Your Avocado a Fruit Bath

A TikTok user named Jax, known by her profile @jaxfoodhax, has posted an innovative method to preserve avocados from rotting. The trick involves utilizing a bit of water, a lemon, and a plastic box to extend the fruit's freshness. Seeing your overripe avocado end up in the trash could be a thing of the past with this simple trick.

Based on Jax's guidance, you start by pouring a small amount of water into a prepared container, ideally not filled to the brim, perhaps about half a cup of water. Either tap water or boiled water will suffice. Then, spritz the water in the plastic box with lemon juice, about one tablespoon should do. You then place your leftover avocado in this mix, cut side down. The final step is to store the box with its contents in the refrigerator.

Reaction to the TikToker's Idea on the Internet

Jax, the owner of the @jaxfoodhax account, is confident that her method can effectively slow down the drying and browning process of avocados. The internet community seems to agree, as numerous users praised her creativity in the comments. One asked if the trick could be applied to guacamole as well. Jax confirmed that it works for larger batches if they're placed into a container, smoothed over, and covered with a shallow water layer. Another user asked if this technique would affect the taste of the avocado. According to Jax, the avocado's taste remains unaffected after a day in the bath.

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