SportsPremier League star Kevin De Bruyne's secret weapon: a mustard-powered diet

Premier League star Kevin De Bruyne's secret weapon: a mustard-powered diet

In the picture: Kevin De Bruyne (in the foreground)
In the picture: Kevin De Bruyne (in the foreground)
Images source: © EPA, PAP | ADAM VAUGHAN

1:50 PM EST, January 14, 2024

Kevin De Bruyne is recognized as one of the Premier League's most outstanding playmakers. The Belgian international represents Manchester City and was instrumental in leading the Citizens to a Champions League victory last season. However, their 1:0 final victory against Inter Milan was bittersweet, as De Bruyne was forced to leave the field early due to injury.

The injury returned at a later point, leading De Bruyne, in consultation with his club, to opt for surgery. The ensuing rehabilitation process spanned five months and prevented the Belgians from participating in training or matches.

One major concern for Kevin De Bruyne during this period was maintaining his athletic build. In the past, the skilled midfielder had struggled with weight issues. This time, he proactively managed his weight rather than contending with shedding extra pounds.

Kevin De Bruyne decided to modify his diet. A number of changes were made, all in collaboration with Chef Jonny Marsh. One key alteration, that's no longer confidential, involved incorporating sandwiches with mustard into the sportsman's meal plan.

Mustard, a condiment quite popular in America, is one of the healthier cooking spices. Nutritionists credit this to its low amounts of sugar, fat, and calories. Conversely, mustard is high in protein, fiber, and vitamin C.

Combining a modified diet with regular gym sessions, Kevin De Bruyne regained his physical form. The Belgian didn't need to lose surplus weight before his Premier League return. English media even report an increased frequency of smiles from De Bruyne, his demotion to Manchester City's "vice-captain" not seeming to tarnish his spirits.

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