LifestylePregnant and dating: Woman's inspiring journey to find love in unexpected places

Pregnant and dating: Woman's inspiring journey to find love in unexpected places

Megan is looking for love on the Internet.
Megan is looking for love on the Internet.
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5:16 PM EST, January 13, 2024

Finding your other half online is often challenging and unpleasant for many. However, what does dating feel like while being pregnant? Megan shares her unique experiences.

A future mom navigates the world of online dating

Megan Dowling candidly discusses her journey. Her boyfriend left her when she was in her 19th week of pregnancy. Now, she is on the quest for love independently.

"I have plenty of love to give," she assures.

She admits being in the 32nd week of pregnancy brings challenges. Fatigue and hormonal changes often affect her emotional state. However, she finds dating invigorating.

Megan only posted facial shots on her dating profile, avoiding full-body photos that would highlight her prominent pregnant belly. However, in her bio, she made it clear that she is a soon-to-be mom without divulging specifics. She planned to share more as she got to know someone.

She recently found a man with whom she shares excellent chemistry. She acknowledges she is pleased and seems to be on a promising path.

When he probed for more details, Megan was afraid to tell him about her pregnancy. Eventually, she confessed that she was expecting a child.

"It's probably unexpected and I understand if you're not interested, but I'm actually pregnant," she revealed.

His response was surprisingly positive. "That's fantastic news, congratulations!" he replied. Megan later admitted they continue dating.

"It's wonderful to feel that someone cares for me. Yet, my unborn daughter is my priority. She will transform my life entirely," she declares.

Megan aspires to reassure other women in a similar situation, affirming they, too, could find happiness.

"Don't let pregnancy deter you from seeking love. You're not alone!" she urges.

Her story has inspired other single mothers. "I met my current fiancé five weeks postpartum. He ended up being a blessing in disguise and loves my daughters just as much as our shared son," shared one online user.

Another single mother revealed her active pursuit of a partner. "If you're not prepared to be a stepfather, don't swipe right," her dating app profile reads.

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