LifestylePrassa Beach on Kimolos crowned with world's clearest water

Prassa Beach on Kimolos crowned with world's clearest water

The water has a mad color.
The water has a mad color.
Images source: © Adobe Stock | Constantinos Iliopoulos

5:21 PM EDT, May 15, 2024

The American travel agency Florida Panhandle conducted an analysis based on feedback from over 2.4 million tourists. Their comprehensive study identified the beach boasting the world's clearest water, which is found in Europe.

According to the Greek Reporter portal, the Florida Panhandle's rankings crowned Prassa Beach on Kimolos, situated within the Cyclades archipelago, as the top choice.

The Clearest Water

The Greek media reports that the world's clearest water can be found at Prassa beach on the Greek island of Kimolos in the Aegean Sea. The findings by the American agency show that Greece hosts the majority of the beaches praised by tourists for their crystal-clear waters.

Prassa Beach, located on the northeastern part of the island, home to fewer than a thousand people, stands out for its clarity. Spanning an area of roughly 14 square miles, Kimolos was historically a modest agricultural island. Its fortune shifted with the advent of tourism in the early 1990s, providing a significant revenue stream for the residents. The island's draw lies in its pristine beaches with translucent waters and the serene, authentic Greek atmosphere — a rarity amidst the more tourist-heavy locales.

Additional noteworthy beaches on the island include Aliki, Mavrospilia, Bonatsa, and Agios Georgios.

Tourism in Greece

Greece's allure as a tourist destination continues to escalate annually, a trend supported by recent statistics. In 2023, the country welcomed over 36 million visitors, marking a 20.8 percent increase from the preceding year. Although Attica emerged as the most frequented region, the South Aegean Islands saw the highest tourist expenditure and the most accommodation bookings.

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