NewsPowerful explosions near nuclear facilities in Iran

Powerful explosions near nuclear facilities in Iran

Iranian nuclear facilities in the south of the country
Iranian nuclear facilities in the south of the country
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2:28 PM EST, November 26, 2023

Frightening reports have emerged from Iran. Several powerful explosions have been reported in proximity to the Nuclear Technology Center in Isfahan. It's speculated that anti-aircraft artillery may have caught fire. At this moment, the exact cause remains uncertain. Military sources allege that there were ongoing military exercises in the vicinity, however, local sources have not corroborated this account.

The Spectator reports an explosion took place close to the Nuclear Technology Center situated in central Iran's Isfahan. Unverified information implies that anti-aircraft artillery suffered damaging effects.

Audio recordings of the explosions in Iran

Recordings purportedly documenting the sound of the explosions have started surfacing online. Multiple narratives about the incident are being debated - one such narrative postulates a drone attack to which the air defense system responded immediately.

The OSINTDefender account on platform X (Twitter) cites Iranian military sources as stating that explosions near the Nuclear Technology Center were due to defensive exercises. Intriguingly, local Iranian sources claim there were no scheduled exercises in that area.

Iran's significant nuclear facility

The NTI organization, committed to safeguarding against nuclear and biological threats, reports that approximately 3,000 scientists work at the Isfahan Nuclear Technology Center (INTC).

The facility, established in 1984 with the help of China, is the largest of its kind within Iran. In addition to housing a multipurpose research center, it's suspected to serve as the development site for Iran's clandestine nuclear program.

Three research reactors are located within the INTC site. Other facilities include various laboratories and a fuel production plant.

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