LifestylePour, wait, flush. How a soda can deep-clean your toilet

Pour, wait, flush. How a soda can deep-clean your toilet

The popular drink will also work great while cleaning.
The popular drink will also work great while cleaning.
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2:43 PM EDT, May 3, 2024

Cleaning toilets might not be the most enjoyable, but it's undeniably necessary. There are straightforward ways to accomplish this task quickly and without scrubbing. Surprisingly, a typical beverage can be pretty practical for this purpose.

Maintaining a clean toilet is crucial primarily for hygiene, but the aesthetic aspect is also significant. Since the toilet bowl is always filled with water, limescale, and dirty marks tend to accumulate.

This highlights the importance of regular toilet cleaning despite it being one of the least favorite chores for many. Thus, a simple method for speedy cleaning without requiring vigorous scrubbing can be beneficial.

How to clean the toilet with cola?

Though numerous toilet cleaning products are available in stores, they can be quite costly and often contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is advisable to explore cheaper and equally efficient alternatives.

A cola-type drink can be an unexpected yet effective cleaning agent due to its citric acid and phosphoric acid content. Simply pour the cola along the toilet bowl's sides, and after an hour, brush the bowl, flush, and the job is done. You'll find that limescale and yellow stains will have vanished.

How to clean the toilet? A homemade descaler

Vinegar and citric acid are potent allies for fighting toilet stains. They are especially effective if the limescale is below the water line. Adding baking soda to the bowl can enhance this cleaning method.

From common kitchen staples, you can also concoct a simple yet efficient descaler. Combine 1/3 cup of baking soda or cleansing soda with half a cup of citric acid, a few drops of your preferred fragrance oil, and a couple of tablespoons of water. Place the resulting mixture into ice cube trays and freeze to form cubes. Dropping one of these cubes into the toilet and flushing it after about 15 minutes will leave it looking pristine.

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