LifestylePour a little in your trash bin and instantly remove unpleasant smells

Pour a little in your trash bin and instantly remove unpleasant smells

How to remove unpleasant smell from a trash can?
How to remove unpleasant smell from a trash can?
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8:27 PM EST, November 18, 2023

Keeping your home clean often comes with the desire to fill it with pleasant aromas. However, you don't always need to purchase expensive products to achieve this. Many times, everything you need can be found in your own bathroom.

Smells can greatly impact our mood, emotions, and even health. Ideally, the warmth of our homes should be associated with a pleasant fragrance. Sadly, the disagreeable odor seeping from the trash can often dampens this warm and comfortable atmosphere. So how do we combat this?

A simple trick to eliminate unpleasant trash bin odors

Maintaining cleanliness at home often precludes remembering to clean the trash bin. This is necessary, even if we replace the bin bag regularly. We need to thoroughly clean the bin periodically, not only to remove any accumulative bacteria, but also to eliminate any lingering malodour.

Despite all this, unfortunately, sometimes the container continues to emanate an unpleasant smell. There are, however, straightforward ways to remedy this situation using certain items readily available in our bathrooms.

Mint mouthwash can be a quick solution to tackle the trash bin smell. Simply apply some onto a cotton pad or cloth and then wipe the entire inside the bin with it. After, just insert a new bag and enjoy the fresh aroma for the next few days.

Apart from mouthwash, you can also utilize citrus peels such as lemon and orange. Just place them at the bottom of the bin, before putting in a new trash bag.

Is a fragrant trash bin possible?

Is it feasible to expect a trash bin to emit a pleasant fragrance? After all, it's where various food discards and dirt end up, their smells interacting and usually resulting in a less-than-pleasant bouquet. However, there is a solution to this predicament.

The answer lies in utilizing essential oil and a cotton pad. We recommend using a variety of scents, specifically lavender or citrus, as they are the most effective.

Just apply a few drops of oil to a cotton pad and place it at the bottom of the bin. After that, insert a new bag and savor the fresh scent of your choice.

Another tip: Storing a roll of paper in the refrigerator can solve common problems

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