NewsPotential defeat in Ukraine could trigger mass exodus of 10 million people, warns 'Die Welt'

Potential defeat in Ukraine could trigger mass exodus of 10 million people, warns 'Die Welt'

Ukraine's defeat will trigger a migration crisis in Europe.
Ukraine's defeat will trigger a migration crisis in Europe.
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3:16 PM EST, February 10, 2024

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for nearly two years, with no clear indication that the conflict to our east will resolve anytime soon.

"Fatigue from war is an extremely dangerous phenomenon that we must prevent," he declared.

This war fatigue and dwindling support for Ukraine's resistance against the occupiers could lead to aid cutoff to Kyiv. Reports from the NEXTA agency on the Twitter platform suggest that journalists from the German newspaper are projecting a further threat. They predict a massive migration crisis in Europe in eventuality of Ukraine's defeat.

Journalists from "Die Welt" postulate that if Russia wins the war, many Ukrainian migrants will ultimately seek refuge in their native land.

If Ukraine is defeated, roughly 10 million people will leave the country. In such a scenario, the majority of refugees would head to Western Europe, positioning Germany as one of the primary host countries.

This eventuality could be mitigated if Europe and the United States continue to financially support Kyiv. However, obstacles to passing further aid packages are becoming evident, as indicated by the current situation in the US Capitol.

Europe maintains a solidary stance with Kyiv, passing another aid package at the beginning of February. In light of this, the journalists from "Die Welt" moderate their previous statements. "However, it is expected that Ukraine will hold the front until the end of 2024," states the publication.

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