AutosPorsche unveils the Interior of the new Panamera featuring screens everywhere

Porsche unveils the Interior of the new Panamera featuring screens everywhere

New Porsche Panamera - interior
New Porsche Panamera - interior
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1:38 PM EST, November 7, 2023

The debut of the model's third generation is anticipated later this month. Porsche has just shared interior photographs.

The new Porsche Panamera is set to launch on November 24, 2023. There are many indications that it will be reminiscent of the Taycan, at least when it comes to interior design.

The interior of the new Panamera, similar to its electric counterpart, is dominated by screens. Two large cockpit displays accompany digital clocks with a 12.6-inch diagonal - a central one and an additional one, situated directly in front of the passenger. There's also a fourth screen located at the rear, on the middle tunnel.

It's worth noting that Porsche has eliminated most physical buttons as well. The robust central console is furnished with touch panels featuring a piano black finish. Conventional buttons can be found only on the steering wheel.

New Porsche Panamera - interior
New Porsche Panamera - interior© Press materials | Porsche

Despite its digitized nature, Porsche has not abandoned its traditional cockpit design. A quick look at the photos confirms that it's a genuine Porsche - simultaneously sporty and luxurious.

Interestingly, in this new model, luxury may assume a more eco-friendly aspect. This is mainly due to the introduction of new finishing options. Clients are not restricted to leather only. They also have the choice of materials like Race-Tex fabric and Pepita.

Further details, including photographs of the exterior, will be released in late November. However, it is already known that unlike its predecessor, the new Panamera will probably not be offered in an optional Sport Turismo edition featuring a Shooting Brake body.

New Porsche Panamera - interior
New Porsche Panamera - interior© Press materials
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