Tips&TricksPopular sink cleaning trick from TikToker causes kitchen flood disaster with 6 million viewers

Popular sink cleaning trick from TikToker causes kitchen flood disaster with 6 million viewers

The viral trick ended in disaster.
The viral trick ended in disaster.
Images source: © Brilliant, TikTok | Kandy_kitty88

9:43 AM EST, January 10, 2024

It's always wise to approach the plethora of tips and tricks circulating on the internet with skepticism. Indiscriminately emulating everything we see online is ill-advised. However, some 'house hacks' are helpful, mainly aiding in cleaning or organizing and saving time and effort. Testing some of these tips can sometimes culminate in natural disasters.

A disastrous trick

The TikToker known online as @Kandy_Kitty87 learned this the hard way when she decided to try the famous sink cleaning trick, which unfortunately led to a failure. Her video documenting the mishap has been viewed by 5.8 million TikTok users, becoming a significant internet hit for a rather unfortunate reason. A minor accident resulted in a genuine flood in her kitchen. The video underscores her distress and regret for trying out the hack. Her misfortune serves as a learning experience for others.

The TikToker used a specific powder to clean the sink and then rinsed it with water. As per the internet guide, the plan would have worked perfectly if she hadn't removed the strainer beforehand. Unbeknownst to her, she disconnected the pipe that drained the water by unscrewing and detaching the metal part. This caused the water to leak into the cabinet below the sink and eventually onto the floor. Instead of a clean drain, she had a sink full of water and a flooded kitchen.

Lessons from mistakes

Although the TikToker was devastated by the unfavorable outcome of her experiment, she received many supportive comments on her video. "The same thing happened to me. I noticed the leak much earlier, and it didn't become such a disaster. Be careful!" wrote one of the viewers. This incident is a cautionary tale for all who follow online advice without careful consideration. Thanks to the TikToker, we know this particular trick is not practical and is best avoided. If you've experienced something similar with a viral life hack, share it in a comment as a warning to others.

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