NewsPope under fire: ‘Gossip is a women's thing’ remark sparks outrage

Pope under fire: ‘Gossip is a women's thing’ remark sparks outrage

Not just a homophobic text. This time, the Pope took a swipe at women.
Not just a homophobic text. This time, the Pope took a swipe at women.
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8:12 AM EDT, June 1, 2024

Italian portal Il Silere Non Possum claims to have evidence of what Pope Francis said about women during a meeting with priests. According to reports, the head of the Catholic Church made a harsh judgment, allegedly stating that "gossip is a women's thing."

During a gathering with newly ordained priests, there was a discussion about "appropriate" behavior. The Pope reportedly discouraged priests from slandering and commented that "gossip is a woman's thing," as reported by the portal.

Il Silere Non Possum also criticized Francis, claiming that "he is characterized by sexism." The Guardian reports that the editorial staff has recorded these remarks, citing Marco Perfetti, director of Il Silere Non Possum.

"Gay activity" the latest blunder of Francis

This incident is one of several recent occasions where the Pope has shocked the public and the faithful with his judgmental and sometimes vulgar language. As reported by Wirtualna Polska, he made controversial comments about homosexuals during a meeting with approximately two hundred bishops from the Italian Episcopal Conference. The Pope called for stricter selection processes during seminary admissions, expressing concern over what he described as excessive "gay activity."

He has since apologized for his words.

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